Do you have an online presence that wins you work 24/7/365?!

Pretty social media feed is great! But if you don’t have a website or a funnel that effortlessly brings you work & income…

Your social media marketing efforts might feel like a never-ending struggle, wasting your valuable time and energy…

We’ve all been there… Sitting alone in the dim glow of the screen, the world asleep while we bang our heads on the keyboard. You know the importance of a website and a funnel, but it’s the middle of the night and the questions keep piling up…

“Where should I start? What should I say?”

“The technology… They say it’s user-friendly, but why does it feel like I need a PhD to make it work?”

And then the worst thoughts creep in. Is this all worth it? Will my business ever take off, or will I be stuck in this cycle of endless work with no results?

You pour your heart and soul into your pretty eye-catching social media posts. Engagement is low, conversions are… Almost none… You start to wonder if your voice is just getting lost in the noise…

All this effort, all this time and energy spent…for what? A few likes? An occasional comment? A trickle of income that feels like a small consolation for the mountain of work you’re moving every single day?

Without a strategically designed website or funnel, you’re on a hamster wheel of effort with little to show for it…

Is this what running a digital business supposed to feel like? 

Don't let tech, design, business strategies or busy mom life scare you from starting your digital business!

You are ready to start your digital business, you have some amazing ideas, and you want to do it all, but as a mom, you always put family first, and none of your entrepreneurial ideas came to life.

Or you have a business plan, but when it comes to details like funnels, techs, and automation, all of these words are like a foreign language to you, you want to move forward, but you are suffering tech trauma, tech really got in your way.

Or you just aren’t design savvy and you want everything to look perfect for your new digital business.

I got you mama!

I can handle all of your tech & design needs.
And as a almost certified coach, I can be your business focused life coach ❤️

Tech & Design Services

Do you need help to setup a funnel? Website design and setup? Tech VA? Or just a tech or design audit power hour?

As a tech monster with over a decade of design experience, no matter what you need for tech and design. I got you!

Life Coaching

Do you need a coach to guide you and hold you accountable when you start your business?

As an almost certified coach, I can be your business coach infused with my special life coaching approach.