Ready to build online presence to unlock your sales engine?

Are you ready for the power of an attractive online presence that not only showcases your work but also brings you a steady stream of clients? Imagine a website that works as your sales engine, making your brand shine and attracting new opportunities around the clock. 

Starting a digital business isn’t easy. With an overwhelming business strategy, number of social media platforms to juggle, and endless technical tools to master, it’s hard to keep up! Especially when it seems like there are thousands of competitors fighting for the same attention!

If this resonates with you, then you’re probably feeling exasperated, disheartened, and uncertain about your digital business future. The excitement that once fulfilled your dreams might be fading away, replaced by the looming question – how long can you keep up before admitting defeat?

If you don’t tackle this issue head-on, then you’re heading towards digital obscurity. The overwhelming complexities and tech issues could consume your business dreams, making you just another face in the crowd, and that’s a risk you can’t afford to take. Don’t let your dream business remain just a dream – it’s time for a solution, a remedy that transforms your concept into concrete reality.


Concept to Concrete Remedy is a 12-week hybrid coaching program is specifically designed for moms with an idea for a digital business to transform that idea into a profitable reality. With support to solidify their plans, take decisive action, and done-for-you website solution. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to clarity, confidence, a solid digital business foundation with ease.