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Hi, I’m Emi Osborn, I’m a business mentor, tech & automation nerd and a certified life coach. My magic is to help moms build a profitable & authentic digital business fast. We focus on clarity, aligned marketing plans, zero tech headaches, and turning that 1% misalignment into 100% aligned actions. You will build wealth and enjoy your dream life with deep purpose, fulfillment & freedom.

I’ve been a serial entrepreneur for more than a decade. For most people, technology sounds very complicated and time consuming. For me, making tech fun, easy, and pretty is a passion. After being a website & funnel builder for few years, I realized most entrepreneurs are jumping into tech way too quick before they even establish a strong and clear business foundation. That’s why I spent a year to become a mastery method certified life coach, to be able to help you on a deeper level to activate your full potential.

Over the years, I’ve developed my magical E.M.I. Remedy. E stands for “Effortless” – I’ll help you build a solid business foundation effortlessly with ease. M stands for “Magnetic” – I’ll help you create a unique marketing plan that’s so magnetically attractive. And I stand for “Inspired” – every step you take for your business will be aligned with your vision, so you’ll feel inspired every step of the way.